Included in this dreamy pack is:

The Lullaby Club’s gorgeous overnight mask, with their signature gingham print that’s made with a 100% recycled satin and cotton/linen blend.

As you know, we believe beauty starts from within, that’s why Collagen Beauty™ was a must for this box of goodies. A natural formulation with VERISOL® bioactive collagen peptides, Collagen Beauty™ helps to support structural integrity of skin and decrease skin aging factors, as well as improve the health of hair and nails in just eight short weeks.

But we also can’t ignore the products that support outwardly glowing skin. Keeping your skin plump and juicy is Glow Mist’s favourite thing to do. The Sol-C® collagen peptides & Vitamin C in Glow Mist provide antioxidant protection to prevent collagen damage from the environment, whilst regenerating new collagen formation.

Last but certainly not least, Collagen Balm completes our must have treat yo’self care pack. Collagen Balm is a deeply moisturising lip and body salve with micro collagen peptides and nourishing oils that have been clinically proven to lock in moisture, protect collagen and promote skin healing for lips, dry patches and stretch marks.

Nutra Organics self love gift pack